søndag den 11. april 2010

First post ~

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog^^
My name is Hannah I'm thirteen years old and I'm totally in love with Japan <3<3<3
I made this blog to post about my daily life ^^
I got the idea from my bigsis who also haves a blog, and we thought it would be cool if I made one~

Please visit her blog too :3

And blog design is by Lii-chan, please visit hers as well^^

I'm going to post things like my daily oufit, Japan and so ^.~

Here's my outfit from yesterday (It was yesterday I opened my blog, but didn't get a chance to post XD)~

Ribbon Hairaccessory: Monki
Shirt: H&M
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Vagabond

Well that was all for now, bye bye~

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